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QEnergySpa, BEFE

$69.00 AUD$196.00 AUD

Please Note: The Orb (Water Module) may be used
with all models.
Please select the correct Orb cable to suit your
QEnergySpa, BEFE model.

$196.00 AUD
$69.00 AUD
$69.00 AUD
$69.00 AUD
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$71.00 AUD
$71.00 AUD
$71.00 AUD


QEnergySpa, BEFE Orb and Cable

Please Note:  The Orb will fit all models, however the Cable MUST be selected to suit your BEFE model

Choice is between the Newer Version to suit the models

  1. Model q47, 4105, 4100, q36, 3100, q26, 2500, 2100 – 3 pin plastic connector

or the older versions…

  1. Model 3024 – older black power supply, 2 pin plastic Orb Connector
  2. Model 3006 – older black power supply, 2 pin metallic Orb Connector




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